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Discover the Hess Segal Group difference.

As a business owner and/or professional service organization you are the expert in your field, not in administering retirement plans. But that is our business and we are specialists at it. We provide advisory services* to design, implement, and monitor 401(k) and other retirement plans for businesses of all sizes.

Our Philosophy is Simple:

Don't settle for less than the best in your 401(k) plan.

Why? Because a good plan may be adequate, but a GREAT plan can help you grow your company's bottom line. That's right; multiple studies have shown that providing a robust retirement plan with the right features and services can add to the company bottom line through improved employee loyalty and productivity.

It can also be a competitive advantage. The most valuable resource in many businesses is the people. When seeking to attract top talent, a great retirement plan may very well be the deciding factor between landing that person or watching them head to the competition.

Let Us Help You Stay On Course

Traditional 401(k) plans can offer limited investment selections, hidden fees, confusing pricing schedules, and limited fiduciary protection. At Hess Segal Group, through our affiliation with Csenge Advisory Group, we can work with you in whatever capacity makes sense for your company to help you deliver a retirement plan that is truly a robust employee benefit and competitive edge for your firm.

We would be pleased to handle specific aspects such as enhancing investment options and participant advice, improved educational resources, fee auditing and cost management, acting as fiduciary advisor, or providing full comprehensive management of your entire program.

Employer (Plan Sponsor) Benefits

Objective Advice - Unbiased Vendor Recommendations and Fee Analysis

Our independence means that our interests are aligned with yours. We bring access to a virtually unlimited universe of vendors and investment options from which to choose - free from proprietary conflicts of interest.

The benefits of our independence and objectivity can apply to your bottom line as well. Our compensation structure is fully transparent and independent of the specific recommendations we make. We can identify embedded revenue sharing or hidden fees and we pass them back to you to offset your expenses - reducing you and your participant costs.

Fiduciary Oversight and Management

The primary retirement saving vehicle for most Americans is the employer provided retirement plan. As a result, your plan, and how you manage it, will be under constant, intense scrutiny.

While the rules are stringent and the penalties severe, you have an option - delegate. The rules require you to be the Prudent Expert - or you can delegate to a true Prudent Expert. As Accredited Investment Fiduciary Designees, (AIF®) we are able to provide ERISA level expertise to your Investment Committee as well as help shoulder the fiduciary burden for you. You and your executive team will rest easy knowing that we're helping to keep the plan well-managed and everything well documented covering;

  • Investment Policy Statement development
  • Investment Selection and Monitoring
  • Establishment of Investment Committee and leading meetings
  • Design and maintenance of Audit files and other documentation
  • Qualified Default Investment Alternatives (QDIA)
  • Fee Transparency and Full Disclosure

Investment Option Selection & Expertise

Perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of plan design and management - as well as one of the areas of higher fiduciary concern - is selecting and monitoring the plan investment options. Often plans have very limited investment options leaving participants with few, or no, choices to access broader asset classes.

What makes Hess Segal different is our disciplined investment management process. As hands-on investment managers we're evaluating the markets risk and asset allocation decisions everyday.

Investment selections are based on a completely objective and conflict-free approach using our rigorous quantitative and qualitative evaluation as well as our proprietary tactical risk management process. Further, rigorous monitoring of the investment selections to ensure all aspects of performance, costs, investment timeliness and suitability are achieved or, if necessary, selections are replaced.

Count on us to focus on the careful management of risk and volatility while assembling a sufficiently robust inventory of investment options to help you and your participants feel confident in having the right tools and the right time to help achieve your retirement saving goals while taking the least risk possible.

Participant Benefits

Your retirement plan is only as good as your participants perceive it to be. Since the plan is employer provider, participants look to you, the plan sponsor, to also provide the support they need to feel that they can be successful in achieving their retirement goals. That's where we come in.

At Hess Segal Group, we can provide the knowledge and services from plan design to implementation and execution that is focused on what's important to help your employees perceive a plan that is;

  • Easy to understand and access
  • Provides the investment guidance participants need and want
  • Gives confidence in their investment options
  • Provides best in class service

Asset Allocation and Investment Advice

Second only to an employer matching contribution, participants want help with how to invest and manage their account. And for good reason! A recent study found that 401k participants who are provided, and use, "help" tools and services, tend to outperform participants who did not use the help by 1.86% annually net of fees. WOW!

An independent retirement plan specialist, we believe, can provide the added value your plan participants need most; advice about their asset allocation and risk tolerance to help them feel confident about the decisions they're making.

We are not just a middle man passing on generic "advice": we are actual hands-on investment managers evaluating the markets, risk, and asset allocation decisions everyday! When something changes we are watching and are there to inform you and your participants right away - not at the next calendar review.

The level of expertise and initiative varies greatly among participants. As a Registered Investment Advisor* we can provide a range of services and capabilities from;

  • One-on-one assistance to your most sophisticated participants on asset allocation and investment selection
  • Our proprietary TeamBuilder - participant level asset allocation and investment selection guidance with regular quarterly updates or flash alerts if warranted
  • Institutionally managed portfolio investment options, a Do-It-For-Me choice, for those participants that want active management but want to leave the investment decisions in the hands of professional

This level of investment guidance and advice cannot be delivered by traditional plan providers.

Customized Employee Education

We customize employee education programs designed not only to meet legally mandated requirements, but that actually help employees become more informed, empowered investors and helping them to achieve their retirement goals.

Group and Individual Meetings

We offer both the technology for on-line enrollments as well as the professional service of in-person enrollment meetings. We can also offer annual or semi-annual on-site (or webinar) employee education and update workshops.

Investing involves risk including the potential loss of principal. No investment strategy or asset allocation can guarantee a profit or protect against a loss in periods of declining values. Past Performance is no guarantee of future results. Therefore, the information presented here should only be relied upon when coordinated with individual professional advice. There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will outperform a non-diversified portfolio in any given market environment.