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Investment Management

We call it tactical asset allocation. The goal is securing your future.

You won't get anywhere if you're standing still... Neither will your investments.

Real-time Asset Allocation & Risk Management For Life: Positioning Your Investments In the Right Place, At The Right Time

You won't get anywhere if you're standing still... neither will your investments. But what's the fastest and smoothest course toward financial stability and freedom? As your financial compass, we specialize in guiding you along the pathway of seeking optimal returns while taking the least risk possible. You dream of a stable and fulfilling retirement. Lucky for you, we have developed a unique, disciplined, 4-step approach designed to help get you there.

Throughout your journey toward retirement, market conditions will inevitably vary, and as the climate shifts, so should your strategy. Many individuals assume their broker and/or investment manager is doing something to manage their portfolio's risk on a daily basis. In reality, other brokers often take a passive approach that does little to help preserve your investments. Our proprietary, 4-step approach is designed to maintain your assets' effectiveness, help maximize performance and help reduce your risk. We call it Tactical Asset Allocation. The goal is securing your future.

Analyzing The Market

Stocks, bonds and cash are the typical building blocks of most investment portfolios, and as the market goes through its inevitable cycles, the optimal mix of these three elements - and by optimal we mean the combination that will potentially yield you the highest return with the least amount of risk - will fluctuate based on your risk tolerance and the category-specific risks.

We use several proprietary analysis methods that measure the buying and selling relationship occurring within the market in order to determine the risk levels associated with a specific category at any given time.

The bottom line? We know the market-and we evaluate it on a daily basis so that no matter what the market conditions are, your exposure can adjust based on prevailing risk or return potential.

Location, Location, Location

When it comes to owning a home, you want to buy in the best neighborhood you can afford, right? We believe just as in the real estate market, seeking to maximize your return in the financial marketplace is all about location. Within the markets, each "neighborhood" is called an asset class or sector-and there are a lot of them. As the economy goes through its cycles, different asset classes will make more sense for your portfolio. Through daily Sector Analysis, we evaluate and record the performance of all asset classes in order to identify which ones are potentially more "favored" at any given time.

Manager/Product Analysis & Risk Management and Follow-up, Daily

The last two steps go hand in hand. In order to help effectively mitigate risk and potentially maximize your returns, we run a detailed and thorough analysis of your portfolio-every single day. That means that not only do we perform the first two steps on a daily basis, we also assess your portfolio's risk and performance levels. Every decision, no matter how large or small, is re-evaluated each and every day based on the market's current conditions. We make careful, analytical adjustments to your portfolio as needed in order to keep you aligned with your investment goals. As your personal guide to financial freedom, we're with you every step of the way.

Investors should note that there are risks inherent in all investments, such as fluctuations in investment principal. Past performance of any index, investment or strategy cannot be relied upon as a guarantee of future results. No investment strategy can guarantee a profit or protect against loss in periods of declining values.