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Tax Planning

In our opinion, the simplest and most conservative way to improve your returns or increase your income is to reduce your taxes. By not investing enough energy into a tax allocation strategy, your hard-earned retirement savings could be depleted by taxes alone. While many financial advisors may ignore this part of financial planning, we at Hess Segal Group do not take short cuts. We believe that applying prudent and effective tax allocation strategies are a key part of your overall financial plan.

You have three choices

  • Pay taxes now
  • Pay taxes later
  • Pay taxes never

The right tax diversification strategy will help you determine the appropriate mix of taxable, tax deferred and potentially tax-free investment options to help maximize your long-term profitability, help minimize risk and balance liquidity. It also provides ways to help stretch your retirement assets both for your income today and for your beneficiary's, tomorrow.*

Long-term Care

First and foremost, long-term care insurance is about protecting you, your income and your dignity. If you or your spouse falls ill, money should be no object to proper care. Still, the reality is, money will always be a concern. Long-term care insurance will help you to protect your retirement assets from the devastating effects of the costs associated with long-term care.

Risk Protection

With time, even the most strategic plan is likely to suffer the consequences of a few risks. And because risks-like financial objectives-are different for every person and every situation, we believe in personally reviewing every individual's needs.

At Hess Segal Group, we follow these four steps:

  • Identify and rank risks, concentrating on the biggest threats to meeting your financial objectives.
  • Develop strategies that will address the most important risks.
  • Implement your strategies with care.
  • Monitor and evaluate your strategies on a regular basis to ensure they still fit your needs.

Mortgage Solutions

A cornerstone of our financial planning strategies has always included understanding the proper ways to use debt. Minimizing your debt payments is always a sound practice. We have had a long-standing relationship with two quality mortgage experts; Jeff Hart with Supreme Lending** and Jonathan Lyons with CBC National Bank***.  Both have many years of experience in the mortgage industry and should be able to meet all your mortgage needs.  We are extremely pleased to be able to partner with both of these individuals. 

Here are their contact information:


Jeff Hart

Senior Loan Officer – NMLS#603741

Supreme Lending

Cell (770) 315-9736


Jonathan Lyons

Senior Mortgage Banker - NMLS# 1470040

CBC National Bank

Direct (678) 597-1010

Cell (770) 235-8000


*This material should not be relied upon as investment advice. Investors should seek the advice of their financial advisor prior to making any changes to their investment strategy or purchasing any securities. Investors should note that there are risks inherent in all investments, such as fluctuations in investment principal. No investment strategy can guarantee a profit or protect against loss in periods of declining values.


**Jeff Hart and Supreme Lending are not affiliated with Lion Street Financial.


***Jonathan Lyons and CBC National Bank are not affiliated with Lion Street Financial.