Planning Services

At Hess Segal Group, we understand successful financial planning starts by setting you up with the right strategies to achieve what you want in the future. We’ll look at your current situation, discuss your goals and risk tolerance, and put the right steps in place.



Your portfolio should always be aligned with your needs and goals. To ensure it is, we’ll work with you to outline your objectives, identify your risk preferences, and set the appropriate asset allocation and protection strategies.



When you work with Hess Segal Group, you get the benefit of a knowledgeable partner with expert guidance. Our oversight approach to retirement plan evaluation and design, fund selection, and employee education allows you to move forward with confidence.



Insurance is key to protecting the assets in your plan. We can set you up with the right solutions for everything from individual and group life and health to property and casualty to long-term care evaluation.



Your wealth should pass to your heirs in the way you’d like it to, correctly and seamlessly. We’ll work with you on generational wealth planning and charitable and gifting strategies, as well as allocating assets among dependents, so that your wishes are followed.



Each person’s financial situation is unique. We recognize this and can adeptly help you navigate less common areas, such as tax planning, mortgage solutions, and second opinions.

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